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AHA Farmers Market (July 2022)

Auburn Housing Authority staff and Target of Opelika Team members pose for a group picture outside

AHA and Target Team Members

Individuals standing in line on the sidewalk near a parking lot waiting for their turn to pick from items on the display tables with free food and dry goods.

AHA Farmers Market

Individuals lined up for the AHA Farmers Market.

Individuals standing in front of vendor tents outside picking through items on display at the Farmers Market food tables.

AHA Farmers Market

Individuals lined through parking lot waiting for their chance at the free items available at the LaFayette Housing Authority Farmers Market.

LHA Farmers Market

LHA Farmers Markets being setup with volunteers unpacking items from card board boxes,
Individuals attending RHA Farmers Market are being help to package and tote their selected food items.
Roanoke community lined up to select items from the Farmers Market display tables.

RHA Farmers Market Line