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Looking for a job?

AUBURN, Ala.- Job seekers are invited to connect with local industries during a Resume Fair taking place Jan. 13-27.

The Resume Fair is designed to introduce employers to those looking for a job without requiring individuals to gather for an in-person job fair. Over the next two weeks, those looking for employment can email their resumes to The City of Auburn's Economic Development Department will then share the resumes they receive with 16 local companies that are hiring various positions.

Participating companies include: 2A USA, Aptar CSP Technologies, Briggs & Stratton, Chic Soul, Cumberland Plastic Solutions, ID Plastics, I-PEX, KOAM, Leonard Peterson & Company, RAPA, Rexnord, PA Logic Solutions, Pharmative, SCA, Straehle + Hess USA and Wheel Pros Manufacturing.

Published on the City of Auburn, Alabama website 1/12/2021 to view click the following link:
Resume Fair Auburn AL