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2017 Memorials, Retirements and Anniversaries


2017 Memorials:

In loving memory of Commissioners Janice Saidla and Clima J. White, Jr. Mrs. Janice Saidla served as a Commissioner of the Auburn Housing Authority for 14 years and Mr. Clima J. White, Jr. served for 19 years.
2017 Memorials

2017 Retirements:

Bessie Bledsoe retired on June 30, 2017 after 23 years of loyal and dedicated service.

2017 Retirements


Lee Walters retired on December 28, 2017 after 19 years of loyal and dedicated service. 

 Lee Walter's Retirement

2017 Anniversaries:

  • Commissioner Elton Holloway has served has on the Board of Commissioners for the Roanoke Housing Authority for 5 years.

  • Beth Redding, Timothy Wright and George Cannon celebrated their 5-year employee anniversary in 2017.
    Beth, Tim & George Anniversary Photo

  • Star Paschal celebrated her 10-year employee anniversary in 2017.
    Star Paschal Anniversary Photo

  • Bonnie Morgan celebrated her 15-year anniversary in 2017.
    Bonnie Morgan Anniversary Photo

  • Shannon Walters celebrated her 15-year anniversary in 2017
    Shannon's anniversary