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Family Self-Sufficiency

Auburn Housing Authority’s (AHA) Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) is to provide families the opportunities to remove barriers by identifying resources in the community that will assist them in achieving economic independence.

How the FSS Program Works

The enrolled participant receives case management services that will assist to evaluate each participant’s strengths, needs and aspirations. The case manager assists the enrolled participant by developing short and long-term goals. The program is a five year program and is available to residents who live in public housing units that were converted to project-based voucher (PBV) as part of HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program or receives tenant-based voucher assistance (TBV, formerly known as Section 8). PBV and TBV are funded by the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. There is a preference for residents that are employed and have a High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma.

The objective of the FSS Program is to reduce the dependency of low-income families receiving welfare and housing assistance. Under the FSS Program, families are provided opportunities for education, job training, counseling, and other forms of social service assistance while receiving HCV housing assistance so that families may obtain the education, employment, business, and social skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

Each family that chooses to participate in the FSS Program must execute a Contract of Participation (COP) with AHA. The COP incorporates the individual training and service plan including specific, interim, and final goals and sets forth the principal terms and conditions governing participation in the FSS Program. The COP shall be prepared in the format prescribed by HUD and executed by the head of household of the FSS family.

The head of household is required to seek and maintain suitable employment during the term of the contract. "Seeking employment" means that the head of household has applied for employment, attended job interviews, and has otherwise followed through on employment opportunities.

Escrow Account

Enrolled FSS participants are eligible to earn escrow. Escrow is an interest-bearing account established by the AHA on behalf of the enrolled participants. Deposits to these accounts are made throughout the duration of the family’s participation in the FSS program, if and when a family’s rent increases as a result of increased earned income of the enrolled participant. The additional rent you pay goes into this savings account. Once a FSS participant completes the requirements of the FSS program and is in good standing with the AHA, the funds accrued in the escrow will be given to the participant to be used to achieve their self-sufficiency goal (i.e. homeownership, purchase a vehicle, etc.)

How do I apply:
Contact Charlotte Mattox at (334)821-2262 or via email to receive additional information or to enroll in the FSS program.