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Resident's FAQs

What are routine maintenance work orders?
Routine maintenance work orders are associated with normal wear and tear that is not a health and safety risk. Routine work orders may also involve damages that are made by the tenant. If something needs to be fixed, don't wait. Report the problem by calling your Property Manager's office. See list of maintenance charges (need a link).

What is considered an emergency maintenance work order?
An emergency threatens someone’s health or safety and will cause a great deal of property damage if not corrected right away. An emergency may include problems with gas, sewage, flooding, electrical, or structural (hole in floor or ceiling/roof).
Inoperable smoke alarms and the inability to secure the apartment by locking doors and windows. If you see this type of problem, call for assistance immediately anytime, day or night.

Will I be charged for maintenance?
You will not be charged for repairs due to normal wear and tear. You will be charged when you or your guest cause damage to your unit or appliances. See the schedule of maintenance charges below.

Can I smoke in my unit?
No. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the unit. See the Smoke-Free Policy that’s included as an addendum to your lease.

Am I responsible for my yard?
Yes. In an effort to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the property, residents are required to remove trash and litter in the vicinity of their unit. See the Outdoor Trash and Litter Policy, the Yard Maintenance and Pest Control Agreement, and Apartment Exterior and Grounds Keeping Policy that’s included as an addendum to your lease.

Can I have a pet?
Yes. However, the tenant must comply with the Pet Policy that’s included as an addendum to the lease. Service Animals are not considered a pet, as per Fair Housing, and are exempt from the Pet Policy Requirements. Please speak with your Property Manager regarding any questions.

When is garbage collection and am I responsible?
Yes. AHA residents will be assessed a fee for garbage collection. Contact our offices for more information.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first (1st) of each month.

Will I be charged a late fee if I pay my rent late?
Yes. A late fee in the amount of $40 will be charged for rent not received by 5:00 PM CST on the sixth (6th) of each month. Tenants who fail to pay their rent, service fees, and/or resolve balances by the sixth (6th), will be sent a 14 Day LEASE TERMINATION NOTICE.

Note: Residents must have rent in by the deadline. If the office is closed, they will have to have it in by 5:00 pm on the last business day. Click here to view office hours.

Tenants are encouraged to pay rent by the 6th of month to eliminate a late fee and possible lease termination.

What is the Lease Termination and Eviction process?
If an unpaid balance (rent and other tenant charges) is not paid by the 6th of the month, a 14 Day LEASE TERMINATION NOTICE shall be issued. The 14 Day Lease Termination Notice allows residents 14 Days to “remedy” the lease termination by paying all outstanding charges including the $40.00 late fee. Partial payments will not be accepted. Failure to “remedy” the Lease Termination Notice by the deadline will result in a legal eviction being filed with the court system. Other lease violations as outlined in the lease could result in eviction. See lease for further information.

Please refer to the Lease and Collection Policy for additional information.

As a tenant, am I entitled to a grievance hearing?
Yes. A written request must be submitted to the Property Manager based on the timeframe allotted. See your Landlord Grievance Procedure which is an addendum to your lease.

All PBV residents are entitled to a Landlord Grievance Hearing and a hearing under the HCV Grievance Procedure.