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Public Housing Five-Year and Annual Plans

The Public Housing Reform Act requires submission of both a Five-Year and an Annual Plan. The Five-Year Plan describes the agency’s mission and the long-term plan for achieving that mission over a period of five years. The Annual Plan provides details about the Housing Authority’s current programs and the resident population served, as well as LHA’S strategy for addressing the housing needs of currently assisted families. In addition, the law requires that the plan be consistent with the State’s CDBG Consolidated Plan.

Housing Authorities are required to establish a Resident Advisory Board (RAB) whose membership consists of individuals who reflect and represent residents assisted by the Housing Authority. The RAB makes recommendations regarding the development of the PHA Plan and any significant amendments or modifications to the Plan. Residents can ensure their needs are being addressed and become more involved in issues that directly affect them. LHA benefits by working with the residents who provide important information regarding the physical condition of their units and neighborhoods. In addition, residents will be more aware of the process that our Housing Authority undergoes to prioritize capital fund activities.


LHA Plans

  • Five-Year Plan: FY2015 – FY2019 (information pending)
  • FY2015 Annual Plan (information pending)
  • FY2016 Annual Plan (information pending)
  • FY2017 Annual Plan  (information pending)
  • FY2018 Annual Plan
  • FYB2019 Annual Plan