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HCV/Section 8 FAQs

Are you accepting applications to the wait list?

No.  The Housing Choice Voucher Program wait list is closed and we are not accepting new applications.  We do not anticipate that the wait list will be opened for several years. The HCVP will notify the public at least 14 calendar days prior to opening the wait list on its website and in local newspapers.

How can I verify I am on the wait list?

You can contact the AHA at (334)821-2262 to verify your name is still active on the waiting list. Remember, the office will not be able to predict how long it will take for your name to reach the top of the waiting list.

Where am I on the wait list?

AHA cannot confirm your placement number on the wait list. Reaching the top of the wait list depends on a variety of things, including the date and time your application was received, the preferences that you indicated on your application, and funding.

How long will it take to receive a voucher? 

The average wait for a voucher is approximately 5 years. There are many families and individuals who have applied for housing assistance and are on the waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher Tenant-Based program. We cannot predict when your name will reach the top of the waiting list.

Reaching the top of the waiting list depends on the availability of vouchers, when you applied for the program, and any selection preferences you may have indicated on your application. When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted by mail for an eligibility interview.

Please be sure to keep your contact information current with this office. Your name may be removed from the wait list if this office does not have your current address.