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Housing Quality Standards

Housing Quality Standards

All Auburn Housing Authority HQS inspections are conducted by Ozark Housing Development Inc. (OHDI). OHDI employs trained and certified inspectors who use their professional knowledge to identify issues and ensure the property meets all HQS requirements. Inspectors are a great resource and will answer questions and address concerns concerning the inspection process or findings. The property owner and the tenant each have responsibilities to ensure the unit meets HQS requirements. AHA allows 30 days for non-emergency and 24 hours for emergency repair(s) or correction(s). Owner failures that are not addressed can lead to abatement of rent, and tenant failures that are not addressed can lead to the termination of their subsidy. Please note that a tenant failure does not cause the abatement of the owner's rent. 

Deficiencies Considered to Be the Tenant's Responsibility

When searching for housing, the tenant is responsible for selecting a unit that meets HQS requirements. When participating in the HCV program, the tenant is responsible for correcting HQS violations that are caused by the tenant, any household member, or guest(s) of the household. Failure to do so in a reasonable amount of time will result in the termination of subsidy.

Potential HQS deficiencies that are considered the tenant's responsibility are classified as follows:

  • Tenant-paid utilities are not in service.
  • Failure to provide or maintain tenant-supplied appliances
  • Damage to the unit or premises caused by a household member or guest beyond normal wear and tear, including anything that falls under the tenant's responsibility (i.e., break-ins, vandalism, theft, etc.). "Normal wear and tear" is defined as items that can be charged against the tenant's security deposit under state law and court practice.
  • Vermin and pest infestation caused by a tenant's living habits. 
  • Disarming of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector and alarm.
  • Poor housekeeping. Failing to maintain the property safely and sanitary.